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  • birthday gift bag

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  • Birthday Gift Bag (Happy Birthday 2U! collection)

    Designed By K&Company

    Give a gift where the packaging on the outside is as fun as what's inside! This birthday gift bag was inspired by the fun Happy Birthday 2U! Collection.  See what you can create.

Creative Inspiration

Another collection featuring the Birthday and party theme is Confetti.


1. To create gift bag base, Use a 6 x 7 ½” piece of light blue cardstock as the base on which you will create a stamped background.

2. Adhere the large concentric circles clear stamp onto medium acrylic block. Ink with color of choice. Stamp several images onto light blue cardstock.

3. Adhere a medium circle clear stamp onto small acrylic block. Ink with color of choice. Stamp several images onto light blue cardstock.

4. Adhere a third smaller circle clear stamp onto the small acrylic block and ink with color of choice. Stamp this image into the remaining holes on your stamped background.

5. Mat stamped background on 6 ½ x 8” piece of purple cardstock.

6. Adhere matted background onto a piece of 8 x 10” piece of orange multi dot patterned paper.

7. To create cupcake felt appliqué, begin with a square piece of midnight blue felt and lay on foam block.

8. Create three long “snakes” by rolling pieces of spring green wool roving between your palms. Lay these “snakes” on the blue felt as shown. Remove the cap from the needle felting needle. In order to needlefelt, push the needle through the wool roving into the felt while on top of the foam block. Repeat this up and down motion into the foam block to mesh the wool roving with the felt material.

9. Pull a section of yellow wool roving and form a large circle shape. This will be the “top” of the cupcake structure. Lay this circle shape down above the green “snakes” and needlefelt into the felt.

10. Pull more yellow wool roving and form three smaller circle shapes. Place these three circles below the largest circle as shown. Needlefelt these circles into the felt.

11. Pull small pieces of orange, green and red wool roving and roll into small circles. Needlefelt these circles onto the cupcake top to serve as sprinkles.

12. Once complete, cut out cupcake shape from felt.

13. Adhere cupcake appliqué onto center of stamped background with hot glue.

14. Adhere candle chipboard sticker onto top of cupcake.

15. Adhere “celebrate” sticker below cupcake.

16. Adhere embellished patterned paper onto the front of white gift bag.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock:  purple, muslin
  • 8 x10"  Medium White Gift Bag
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

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