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1.    Apply Glue Stick to one side of the vase, apply paper and trim around using a sharp x-acto style blade. Burnish paper to make sure it adheres to all areas of the wood.

2.    Apply paper to the next side, using a different pattern. Complete the other two sides of the vase, alternating prints as shown in the example.

3.    Paint wooden balls purple or another coordinating color and set aside to dry.

4.    Paint wooden bird purple, and use a pencil or stylus to draw in wings. When the paint is dry, apply a rhinestone for the eye.

5.    When dry, use a hot Glue Gun to attach to the bottom of the vase, one at each of the corners.

6.    Wrap a piece of the green seam binding tape around the vase and tie in a knot.

7.    Attach 3 dimensional label to a piece of coordinating patterned paper, cut excess away and attach to seam binding tape with a small jump ring.

8.    Apply bird using hot glue or double stick tape.

Other Supplies

  • EK Success Tools:
    • HERMA Dotto Adhesive, Permanent – HMDP9272
    •  Cutterpede Trimmer – EKCP01
    •  Cutter Bee Scissors – EKCB01
  • Wooden Vase
  • Wooden bird
  • Glue Stick
  • Jump Ring
  • 1” Wooden Balls
  • Purple ink / Purple Paint
  • X-Acto or sharp blade
  • Hot Glue Gun

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