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  • Advent Calendar

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  • Advent Calendar

    Designed By Dana DeCarlo

    Create a countdown advent calendar this Christmas that will be passed down to generations to come. The Yuletide Christmas collection is perfect for beautiful home decor projects that you will enjoy year after year.


1. Purchase an advent calendar kit; assemble and paint red. Set aside to dry.

2. Assemble each chipboard drawer. Cover the front of each drawer with
various pattern papers. Use circle punch to create half-circle for pull of each drawer.

3. Use various embellishments to decorate the drawers. Number the drawers from 1 through 24.

4. For the center, cut Santa paper to size; adhere. For tree, cut 5 triangles from two pattern papers. Fold down center; adhere back sides together to form tree. Adhere to center, and add star.

5. Fill each drawer with candies or notes for all to enjoy!

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Other Supplies

  • Advent Calendar
  • Spray Paint - Red


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