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Tips & Techniques

Creating focus with Stickers
When placing stickers in a scrapbook layout or paper craft project, the stickers need to be grounded or they will “float”. Grounding a sticker means giving the sticker a specific place or purpose in your project. Use stickers with purpose in mind, and you will be pleased with the results.

Create Depth with Stickers
Layering and overlapping stickers assists in adding depth to scrapbook layouts, cards, or any paper crafting project. Layering and overlapping stickers can also provide purpose for smaller stickers by forming a collage.

Releasing Stickers
It’s a good idea to keep an adhesive remover near your workspace in case you make a sticker mistake. Most adhesive-removing products will neutralize the adhesive on the sticker and allow it to be lifted off the page. Once dry, the sticker will regain its “stickiness” and can be applied to your page.

Transforming your Stickers
Sometimes you may only want to use part of an image or a sticker. For example, if a flower’s stem is too short or too long for your project, simply cut the flower away from the stem. Then, create your own stem either with a marker, stitching, or cutting from a different flower.

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