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  • Wickedly Chic Witch Hat

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  • Wickedly Chic Witch's Hat

    Designed By Designs by Jenny

    Cast a spell on your Halloween Party guests wearing your “Wickedly Chic” witch’s hat complete with glitter, gems, lace and feathers. Styled to impress all the goblins and ghosts at the party, this black and white creation with a little punch of lime green is anything but ordinary. Happy Haunting!


1. If you have a styrofoam head form, it will make assembly easier. Place the hat on the head form. Wrap the wired black/ivory stripe ribbon around the crown of the hat and tie a loose knot in the front. Pull up edges every few inches and apply hot glue to anchor the ribbon in place.


2. Create four pompom flowers by trimming designer paper to 2" x 12" strips, folding in half lengthwise and cutting with fringing scissors on the open end. Tightly roll the fringed strip starting at one end, holding on to the folded edge, until the full length is rolled up. Secure the roll with a small dot of hot glue. Fold back the fringe, then mash and scrunch the layers until it resembles a pompom flower. 


3. Apply glittering glue to random areas of the flowers using a brush. Sprinkle glitter over the glue using the glitter powder tray to catch the excess. Return the excess glitter to the container. Apply gold adhesive gems randomly to un-glittered areas of the flowers. Adhere the flowers to the hat using hot glue. Hold each flower in place to support its weight until the glue cools and is secure.


4. Fold the lime green bat ribbon into loops and secure ends behind the lace pumpkin with hot glue. Repeat with the ivory lace trim piece.


5. Insert paper and real feathers into the ribbon knot, holding them in place with hot glue. 


6. On the flat brim of the hat, adhere the black glitter pillow stickers. Place the scrolls end to end continuously around the hat for a wickedly chic tone-on-tone effect.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Witch’s hat: black
  • Styrofoam head form (optional)
  • Ribbon: 2 1/2" wide wired black/ivory stripe, 1" wide lime green with bat motif
  • Lace trim: ivory crochet
  • Feathers: 3 paper, 1 real
  • Glittering glue & brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fringing scissors


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