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  • White Pumpkin Party Utensils

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  • White Pumpkin Party Utensils

    Designed By Spotted Canary

    Add festive flair to your Halloween party with these simple adornments that make you look like the hostess of the year. Quick, easy, and downright fun! You can use any Halloween stickers to dress up the silverware—see the other photos for inspiration!


1. Sort through the craft feathers to find ones that are about 2” to 3” long.  There will most likely be larger feathers in the bag than the size you need; if this is the case, simply cut larger feathers in half to create two smaller feathers. Note: When cutting feathers cut only the main shaft, not the feathery part.


2. Hot glue a feather on the top end of the plastic utensil.


3. Place a pumpkin sticker at the bottom of the feather on the utensil.  How simple was that? 

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Black craft feathers
  • Utensils: white plastic
  • Hot glue gun


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