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  • Veiled Witch's Hat

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  • Veiled Witch’s Hat

    Designed By Lindy Rose Lane

    Slightly eccentric, slightly magical, this veiled hat calls to mind a Victorian aunt who lived with three black cats and always had a little something bubbling on the stove. Create your own mystery and magic this Halloween! To simplify assembly, place the hat on a head form or small lamp. Black cats are optional.


NOTE: You will need 2 packs of the Maroon Felt Roses and 3 packs of the Adhesive Gems. 

1. Measure the height of the hat’s cone along its seam to determine the length required for the wire support. Multiply this length by three and cut a piece of wire to this measurement. 


2. Bend the length of floral wire determined above into thirds to make the support armature for inside the cone. Twist a small loop in each end.


3. Insert the support wire into the cone and stitching through the end loops in the wire, attach to the base and to the tip of the cone at the seam. Also stitch one or two places along the length of the wire to attach it to the seam.


4. Cut 24" of the 54" wide black glitter illusion netting. Find the center of the long side and pin it to the center front of the hat at the base of the cone (A). Drape the netting around sides and pin where shown (B and C). Use the needle and thread to tack the illusion to the hat at these points.

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 1 


5. Loosely bunch the burgundy netting lengthwise and wrap it around the cone of the hat from bottom to top. Adjust the folds to loosely cover the hat fabric. Pin in place then tack with thread.

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 2 


6. Wrap the embroidered rosette ribbon around the base of the hat over the burgundy netting, mitering the ribbon in the back as shown to make a nice fit and cover the cut ends. The ribbon should be loose enough to sit at the base of the hat in the front. Tack the miter with thread to prevent it from unfolding. (Don’t worry about covering the edge of the black netting with the ribbon.)

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 3 


7. Gather the black netting to the edge of the brim on either side of the hat, allowing the front part of the netting to gently drape below the brim, making a veil. Pin into place at the sides.

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 4 


8. Starting at the sides and working toward the back of the hat, gather the black netting into loose folds on the brim of the hat. Clip at the back with clothes pins or binder clips. Using the needle and thread, gently tack the netting to the brim in several places to secure the folds. (An assistant might be helpful!)

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 5 


9. Tack three burgundy roses next to the base of the cone in the front under the veil. Next,  tack the sides of the veil at the pins and attach the remaining fabric flowers in the same place on the right side only.

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 6 


10. Adhere the gems to the burgundy netting in a random pattern from the base to the tip of the cone. Using the needle and thread, attach the single black tassel to the tip. 


11. Cut another 24" of the 54" wide black netting. Find the center of the long side and allow the netting to fall from that point, making a short train. Fold the point over and sew to the back of the hat just below the mitered ribbon.


12. Make a bow in the curtain tie back and tack it onto the back of the hat on top of the stitching holding the train in place. To make the buckle on the front of the hat, attach the square plastic frame to the ribbon in the center. If necessary, crush the wired edges of the ribbon to give the illusion that the buckle is holding it. 

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 7 


13. Trim the excess wire off the feathers and tuck them into the ribbon on the hat.

Veiled Witch's Hat assembly 8 


Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Black satin adult witch’s hat
  • Floral wire: approx. 50"
  • Illusion netting, 54" wide: black glitter, burgundy/purple, 1 1/2 yards each 
  • Wired ribbon: 5" wide rosette-embroidered, 1 yard
  • Feathers: burgundy
  • Double tassel tie back: 27" black
  • Tassel: 3" black 
  • Black thread and needle
  • Straight pins
  • Clothes pins or binder clips
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Head form or small lamp (optional)


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