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  • Vampire Jewelry ensemble

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  • Vampire Jewelry

    Designed By Spotted Canary

    If you are dressing up as Vampira this year, this ensemble of jewelry pieces is easy to create with items from the French General collection. The blood red gemstones and vintage-style metal adornments are perfect to recreate a creature of the ages.


NOTE: You will need two each of 50-21231 and 50-21217 to complete the ensemble. 

1. Earrings: Hot glue one round red gemstone shape to a red teardrop gemstone shape. Glue together at the tip of the teardrop.


2. Glue a post earring back to the back of the round gemstone shape. Brush the powder tool over the remaining adhesive area of the gemstone shapes to remove the stickiness.


3. Necklace and bracelet: Divide your remaining embellishments as you wish for the necklace and bracelet. Check the photo to get an idea of what we have done.


4. For the necklace, cut one 12" piece of black tulle. Group the black bead necklaces together and tie the tulle around all the necklaces at the center of the tulle. Double knot so the same amount of tulle is equal on both sides. Criss-cross wrap the tulle ends around the beads until you have covered about 6". Knot the tulle ends together.


5. Begin hot gluing the metal and gemstone embellishments onto the necklace over the tulle wraps. Begin at the center point and embellish above and below the center area until desired number of pieces have been added.


6. To make a matching bracelet, measure a piece of tulle around your wrist. Add an additional 4" to the measurement and cut the length of tulle. Tie a double knot in the center of the length.


7. Hot glue embellishments on the knot beginning in the center and adding to each side as desired. 


8. Tie the bracelet onto your wrist by forming the tulle ends into a loose square knot. 

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Bead necklaces: 5 black Mardi-Gras style
  • Tulle netting: black
  • Post style earrings
  • Hot glue gun


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