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  • Valentine's day gift trio

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  • Valentine's Day Gifts -Toppers and Candy Bars

    Designed By Kelly Keller

    Looking for a creative way to sneak a treat to someone special this Valentine's Day? Create and decorate a topper for your candy treat bag. Use this technique for goodies at your next party. Jolee's has every a sticker for just about any theme.



Candy Bag Topper

  1. To create candy topper, cut white cardstock topper to fit bag and punch scalloped border on edge.
  2. Adhere a strip of red cardstock to topper.
  3. Cut a heart template from a scrap of cardstock. Use heart template to emboss hearts on pink cardstock.
  4. Add pink cardstock to topper.
  5. Embellish topper with ribbon, stickers, and pearls.

Valentine's Gift Bag

Candy Bar Wrapper:

  1. To create candy bar wrapper, cut paper to wrap candy bar and adhere.
  2. Create a tag for the candy bar, attach the tag with ribbon.
  3. Punch scalloped squares, adhere to the tag.
  4. Embellish candy bar with felt hearts.

Valentine's Day Candy Wrapper

Water Bottle Tag Topper

  1. To create water bottle tag, cut and adhere a piece of patterned paper to bottle of water.
  2. In a strip of paper, punch a hole large enough to fit over what bottle top.
  3. Fold a pocket in paper strip for holding drink mix.
  4. Add a piece of white cardstock to pocket.
  5. Embellish with ribbon and sticker.

Valentine's Bottle Topper

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: Pink, Red, White
  • Ribbon: White, Red, pink
  • Brown Chalk

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