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  • Valentine's Day tri fold Card

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  • Valentine's Day Card and Envelope

    Designed By Catherine Cray Gelaude

     Looking for a personal, one-of-a-kind card for that special someone -- for Valentine's Day? Create a tri-fold card and envelope, with pockets in the back, add a few dimensional Valentine's Dove stickers -- slip in a few thoughtful coupons or gift cards -- it doesn't get much more personalized or thoughtful than this -- Your sweetie will love it!


1. Trim a piece of pink cardstock to 10.5 X 8.5. This forms the base of the tri-fold.

2. Place the pink cardstock on the scoring board -- with the 10.5 edge along the top. Use the scoring tool -score at 3.5", flip the cardstock over and score at 7". This will give you an accordion tri-fold style card.

3. Fold the pink cardstock piece up from the bottom at 5.5 - allowing a 3" folded area on the back side which will form separate pocket areas, on the reverse side of the tri-fold.

4. Trim a piece of red cardstock - 3 separate panels 5.25 X 3.25.for the front and 3 separate panels 2.75 X 3.25 for the back. Adhere one panel to each section of the pink cardstock base - front and back.

5. Trim the pattern paper to fit inside each red panel. Front: 4 X 3. Back 2.5 X 3. Attach these panels.

6. Punch along the long edge of white cardstock with the scalloped scallop edge punch. Trim this piece to create a scalloped edge - long enough for each panel. Adhere 1" from the bottom of the front panels and 1/2" from the bottom of the back panels.

7. Trim and adhere the  pink striped border panel over each scalloped section in front and a narrow pink cardstock strip in back.

8. Punch 2 red cardstock scalloped rectangles and 2 red cardstock scalloped hearts.(One heart is used to decorate the front of the envelope.)

9. Adhere the 'I' and 'U' stickers to small white cardstock panels - these need to fit inside the punched scallop rectangles. Scrap along the edge of the white sticker panels with gold metallic ink.

10. Apply the sticker panels to the punched scallop rectangles and then to the first and last front panels.

11. Attach the Valentine 'Letter' sticker to one of the punched hearts. Use 3-D dots to attach this to the center front panel.

12. Apply the Valentine Dove stickers to the first and last front panels, as shown.
Valentine's Day tri fold Carddetail
13. Using the 'tag' from the inside of the Jolee's Parcel packaging, as a template - Create 3 white cardstock tags - Stamp the heartfelt inchies stamps on the top portion with red ink. Write a thoughtful message or create your own coupon on the bottom of each tag. Slip inside each pocket, you create, on the back by adhering the 2 side areas only on each panel. (You could also insert gift cards.)

14. Lastly, follow the directions provided - use the scoring board to create a 2A envelope for your tri-fold card. Decorate the front of the envelope - Add a lining inside, with coordinating paper.

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Other Supplies

  • Patterned Papers
  • Cardstock – Pink, White, Red

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