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  • Valentine Mailbox

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  • Valentine Mailbox

    Designed By EKSuccess Brands

    Our Valentine Mailbox creates a wonderful classroom display and holder for a Valentine card exchange among the classmates. Our life-size mail box will hold lots of Valentines! Decorate the mailbox with your favorite stickers and add some ribbon trim. What fun for the kids to drop their envelopes into the mailbox and then enjoy the “mail call” on Valentine’s Day!


# Sticker Packs needed:
Valentine Flourishes - 2
Be My Valentine - 2
Vintage Cupids - 1
Red Bubble Hearts - 3
Valentine's Day Foil Hearts - 3

1. Follow the instructions that come with the mailbox to assemble it.  Assembly is easy as the box is pre-made and just requires folding and inserting tabs.

2. Wrap ribbon around the box, leaving the slot at the top accessible for the Valentines to be dropped in. Tie the ends together on top with a simple knot. Do not trim the tails yet.

3. Create a bow: Cut a 12" length of ribbon, put an overhand knot at the center of the length, then set it aside. With a  40" length of ribbon, create a 6-loop bow as follows: make a loop at the end of the ribbon that is 3" long. Hold the loop between your finger and thumb (this will become the center of your bow), give the ribbon a twist under your thumb and make another loop of the same length in the opposite direction. Tuck that loop between your finger and thumb at the center. (Note: the twist at each step helps to create a fuller, rounder bow.) Repeat this process until you have a total of 6 loops. Carefully place knot of the 12" length of ribbon onto the center of your bow, then wrap the ends to the back and secure with a knot—a second set of hands might be helpful here. Glue your bow on top of the mailbox where you tied your ribbon. Trim all the ribbon tails as desired with angled cuts.

4. Place a “Be My Valentine” sticker on each of the mailbox sides centered over the ribbon. Add a Valentine flourish below the phrase. Randomly fill in the mailbox sides with bubble and foil hearts.

5. On the front of the mailbox create a pattern of Valentine Flourishes and Cupids. Fill in randomly with bubble hearts.

6. Add the classroom or teacher’s name on the mailbox flag.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Reception Gift Card Holder by Wilton, #1006-396
  • Ribbon: red polka dot, 3 yards
  • Quick-drying adhesive

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