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  • Sunflower Candle

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  • Sunflower Candle

    Designed By Designs by Jenny

    Cheerful sunflower cabochon stickers from Jolee’s Boutique change an ordinary candle into a beautiful design element for your home décor. By starting with a battery operated flameless candle, embellishments and stickers are not exposed to a open flame and your candle lasts forever. You can even change the designs from season to season!


1. Cut a piece of burlap the desired width to wrap around the candle. Apply dot adhesive to the reverse side of the burlap and wrap it around the candle, slightly overlapping the ends at an angle. Secure with fabric glue. 


2. Wrap gingham ribbon around the burlap and secure with fabric glue.


3. Add Xs of thread to the buttons and knot. Use fabric glue to adhere the buttons on the overlap portion of the burlap and ribbon. 

Sunflower Candle back 

4. On the opposite side of the candle, adhere gold flourish stickers to the burlap, adding silver stud stickers among the scrolls. As you work, check to make sure your embellishments are holding fast. When using burlap and other textures, it is sometimes necessary fortify adhesion with fabric glue.


5. Place sunflower cabochons randomly on both the ribbon and burlap.


6. Remove a few crochet daisies from the glittered flourishes and apply individually to open areas in the design.


7. Wrap dark brown twine around the candle several times above the burlap and tie with a bow. Adhere a bumble bee cabochon to the center of the bow.


8. Flip the switch on the candle for a warm, homey glow!

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Burlap scrap
  • Ribbon: brown and white gingham
  • Buttons: 3 flat in coordinating colors
  • Needle and colored thread
  • Twine: thin dark brown
  • Fabric glue
  • Flameless candle (battery-operated)


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