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  • Sun Bonnet

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  • Sun Bonnet

    Designed By Designs by Jenny

    Start with a “Plain Jane” store bought straw hat and dress it up with Jolee’s Boutique multi-layered stickers for a stylish bonnet that any young girl would love to wear.  This charming transformation from ordinary to extraordinary features butterflies, rosettes, pearls, and even a beautiful cameo!


1. Begin with a plain straw hat. Apply fabric adhesive in a thin bead around the brim. Carefully press the ribbon into the adhesive, leaving enough ribbon to tie into a bow at the center back of the hat.

2. Adhere a cameo sticker onto your tied bow. As you work, check to make sure your embellishments are holding fast. When using ribbon or uneven surfaces, it is sometimes helpful to fortify adhesion with fabric glue. 

Sun Bonnet detail

3. Add flowers, butterflies and pearl stickers onto the ribbon band, adding extra fabric glue where needed. 

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Straw hat: white or light color
  • Ribbon: 30" gradated pink
  • Fabric glue

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