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  • Summertime Circus Party

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  • Summertime Circus Party

    Designed By Lisa Falduto

    Host a backyard circus this summer for your children and their friends.  No need for high flying acrobats or wild animals just use a bit of imagination to create a wonderful time.  Start with a circus inspired invitation and treat bag.  Set a few table in the backyard and create some circus actives like face painting clown or animal faces, games of skill, and of course juggling.  The kids will have a blast! 



1.  Cut a piece of white cardstock that measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" using the EK Tools Trimmer.  Score cardstock in half using the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board. Fold cardstock in half to create the card base.

2.  Select a piece of paper from the K&Company designer's pad.  Cut the piece of paper to the size of 2 1/4" x 4 1/4".  Attach cut paper to the left side of the card base roughly 3/4" using the Herma permanent adhesive.

3.  Select another piece pf paper from the pad.  Cut a 3" circle using the EK Tools Circle Scissors Pro and glass cutting mat.

4.  Attach circle to card base using the EK Tools 3D Dots and overlapping on to striped cardstock.

5.  Attach the Jolee's black top hat sticker to the center of the paper circle at an angle. 

6.  Add a circus ticket and branch gems.

Party Favor:

1.  Fold top of bag over 1" all the way around making sure to re-crease seams at corners and fold.

2.  Select a piece of paper from the designer's pad. Cut paper to the size of 3/4" x 12". Attach around the folded piece on top of the bag. Crease the strip as you go around corners and folds.

3.  Select another paper from the designer's pad. Cut two 2 1/2" circles from the paper.  Attach one to the center front of the bag and one to the center back.  Place the elephant and tiger sticker in the center of each circle.

4.  On the top of the bag add a circus ticket and the star.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • White Cardstock

  • Small Brown Bags (6 1/2" X 3 1/2")

  • Circus Tickets

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