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  • school days page layout

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  • School Days Page Layout

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

    Remember the each year's first day of school with a scrapbook page.  You'll love looking back year after year and seeing how your child has changed.  A fun idea is to take a photo at the same location each year!


1. Cut blue cardstock to 11 x 11 and adhere centered to cream background.

2. Cut pieces of red, cream and green cardstock to create a color block pattern on blue. Use round binding edge edger punch on several of the pieces.

3. Tie ribbon around bottom red piece, right cream piece and the corner of top green piece as shown. Adhere pieces to background.

4. Mat large photo with cream and work into color block pattern. Crop a smaller photo, use binding edge on left side, and mat with red cardstock, leaving a thicker edge on right side.

5. Cut a small cream rectangle and use round binding edge punch on left edge. Adhere on an angle in bottom left of page for journaling.

6. Apply all Jolee’s Dimensional Stickers to color blocks as shown.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: Cream, Blue, Green, Red
  • Blue, Red, Yellow Patterned Ribbon


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