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  • Scenes from Montreal Canada

    Designed By Elizabeth Barboza

    Title stickers make adding a special and eye catching title fast and easy.  Use the included smaller stickers to add thematic touches all over your layout and draw the reader to those more important pictures.  The title stickers really make these Scenes from Montreal Canada scrapbook page stand out!


  1. Cut white cardstock to 11 x 11 inches.  Glue to red cardstock base and machine stitch around edges.
  2. Cut pictures into 3 inch circles.  Adhere to page base leaving about 0.5 inch border space around the perimeter and in between each circle.
  3. Cut three 3 inch circles from red cardstock.
  4. Trace a maple leaf pattern three times on book paper.  Cut out and adhere to red circles.  Machine stitch and add to page.
  5. Add sticker title and embellish red circles with smaller stickers.  Add sub-title with marker and journal around red page border.

TIP: You may want to journal around the page before adding any photos and embellishments.  By keeping the page flat you’ll have an easier time writing and won’t accidently mar any of the photos or stickers.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Black Marker
  • Cardstock: White and Red
  • Sewing machine and white thread
  • Old book pages

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