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  • Reindeer Scrapbook Page

    Designed By Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

    Make this quick reindeer scrapbook page by creating a photo collage in your photo editing software and combine it with punched squares of your favorite papers. 


1. Create custom flashcard in word processing program and print on cream cardstock. Trim to size and round corners using the large Corner Adorner.

2. Punch 6 2” squares from a variety of papers from the Blossomwood paper pack, sand and distress the top edge.

3. Trim red patterned paper to size, round the top corners and attach to top of page as shown.

4. Trim another red patterned paper to size, and attach to bottom half of page as shown.

5. Create photo collage in image processing software and print on photo paper. Use large Corner Adorner to round the bottom two corners and adhere over bottom half of page as shown in the example.

6. Attach custom flashcard to top of page, estimate spacing as shown in the example.

7. Adhere punched squares, arranging the patterns in a pleasing design.

8. Trim vintage music sheet paper and magazine text to size and attach to

9. Stitch around page using white thread.

10. Tie strip of fabric to page, leave ends a little long and add a little adhesive to the ends. Adhere the ends, leaving creating a nice wave in them.

11. Adhere Reindeer to page as shown in the example.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  •  Cardstock: Cream
  • Computer font: Courier and Garamond
  • Sewing Machine with White Thread
  • Strip of fabric
  • Vintage music and magazine papers

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