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  • Quick and Easy Pumpkin Pins

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  • Quick and Easy Pumpkin Party Pins

    Designed By Jolee's Boutique

    Jolees has created for Halloween a whimsical pumpkin patch of party pins that your family and friends can wear. Easy to make - each pin takes about 10 minutes and requires limited supplies. These pumpkin pins make great party favors or giveaways for teachers and co-workers.


 Note: Ribbon width should be 1 ½”

1. Cut ribbon into 11” lengths. Remove all edge wire from ribbon by simply pulling wire out.

2. Thread needle with approximately 24” of thread. Keep thread doubled and knot ends together.

3. Sew a running stich 1/8” above bottom of ribbon. Once stitching is completed pull thread to gather ribbon to create a circular shape. Knot thread ends together to form a ribbon medallion. Cut threads

4. Sew or glue ribbon ends together to close medallion.

5. Glue flat side of pin to back of ribbon medallion. If a more finished look is desired, prior to gluing, wrap then glue a small piece of ribbon around the flat portion of the pin back.
quick and easy pumpkin pins2
6. Glue a dimensional pumpkin sticker front and center on the ribbon medallion.

7. For a more personal touch you can create small print messages or names from your computer. Simply cut them out and glue under pumpkin.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Pin Backs
  • Green & White Dotted Ribbon
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun

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