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  • Present Wreath

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  • Present Wreath

    Designed By Kara Ward

    This gorgeous eye-catching wreath is wrapped to perfection and embellished with sparkle, perfect for holiday décor. What a wonderful way to adorn your front door during the Christmas season. By simply changing out paper and stickers you can create a themes throughout the year. 


1. Cut 9 pieces of tan cardstock to 7 x 7 inches for the base of each box

2. Cut 9 patter paper lids 7 x7 .

3. Score the bases at 2 and 5 inches using the scoring board.

4. Score the lids for the boxes at 2 and 5 1/8 using the scoring board. Remember to move the lid paper to the line on the scoring board.

5. Fold lids and their bases together and secure with glue.

6. Arrange 9 boxes so the corners are touching.

7. Decorate each box with borders, stickers, ribbons, and buttons. Use the inside of the packaging to create tags for the boxes and even a mini box.
Present Wreath2Present Wreath3Present Wreath5Present Wreath4
8. Use a dinner plate to trace around for the base of the wreath. Cut out the center area of the plate shape so it looks like a large doughnut.

9. Cover the wreath base with pattern paper and a scalloped edge.

10. Glue all the boxes to the wreath base. Add ribbon for hanging if desired.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Red and Gold ribbon
  • White and tan Cardstock
  • Gold embroidery floss
  • Red and green buttons
  • Jingle bell
  • Scalloped scissors
  • Cardboard for wreath’s base.

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