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  • Sweet Silhoutte Layout

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  • Parcel Sweet Silhouette Layout

    Designed By Kathy Fesmire

    Make everyday photos something special with these gorgeous Framed Silhouettes stickers. The glittery three dimensional stickers add pizzazz to this sweet little girl page. This Parcel Sweet Silhouette Layout is the perfect addition to any child's scrapbook.


1. Ink edges of all pieces before adhering. Cut floral paper to 8X8. Cut green check paper to 5 X 6 ½ inches and adhere as shown. 

2. Trim yellow scalloped edge from card and cut a 2 inch piece from end. Adhere to page leaving gap behind where the photo will be placed. Cut ½ inch strip of striped paper and attach to page above yellow scalloped border. 

3. Mat photos with white paper and attach to pink card. Trim as shown and adhere to page. 

4. Tie a piece of pink ribbon through hole in the large Framed Silhouette sticker and attach to page.

5. Tie a small piece of pink ribbon around a 6 inch length and adhere across photo as shown. Position the small Framed Silhouette sticker to appear to be tied with ribbon.

6. Print and mat title and adhere to page as shown.

7. Print journaling and trim. Adhere to page.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: White
  • Ribbon: Pink

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