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  • Parcel Pocketwatch Book

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  • Parcel Pocketwatch Book Cover

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

    This Parcel Pocketwatch Book Cover will bring life to a bookshelf. Framing the watch will bring extra attention to this embellishment. Try adding your own unique spin! 


1. Cover chipboard album with golden paper. Trim edges. Cover spine with dark brown paper and trim edges.

2. Apply silver adhesive border to seam between two papers.
3. Cover chipboard frame with light green paper. Tie jute string to lower right corner. Apply library card to back opening of frame.
4. Adhere burgundy rick-rack to back side on left and fold around to front. Secure to front of frame and library card.
5. Cut two corners from large silver border and adhere to right corners of frame. Add stamp and letter tile to top left of frame.
6. Loop a piece of burgundy rick-rack through top of watch piece and apply watch to center of frame.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Burgundy Rick Rack
  • Chipboard Frame
  • Chipboard Scallop Book

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