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  • Parcel Door Knocker Book

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  • Parcel Door Knocker Book Cover

    Designed By Karen Bulmahn

    The Parcel Embellishments are very unique and specific, making them the perfect choice to use on all of your craft projects. This Parcel Door Knocker Book Cover will feel like an actual decorated front door! See all of our Parcel collection products.


1. Cover both front and back covers with antique patterned paper.
2. Cut brown cardstock to fit on front. Cut six dark pink rectangles, ink edges and adhere to brown cardstock as shown.
3. Add various embellishments to each rectangle.
4. Apply doorknocker embellishment to center. Tie a metal ring tag to bottom of doorknocker and add sentiment cardstock die-cut.
5. Adhere gold foil borders to bottom of cover and adhere small tape measure die-cut to center of seam.
6. Cut cardstock pages for inside and punch holes. Bind book with silver binder rings.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Chipboard for Covers
  • Jute String
  • Mini Playing Cards
  • Three Binder Rings
  • Dark Brown Cardstock

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