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  • Little Black Halloween Dress

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  • Little Black Halloween Dress

    Designed By Spotted Canary

    This little black dress makes the perfect costume for a witch or vampire, completing with creepy-crawly spiders, glittering gems, and decorative pumpkins. You’ll knock ’em dead! 


1. Begin by reading the instructions for the fabric glue. Note the drying time, fabric notes, and any tips for gluing. To allow proper curing time for the glue, plan to embellish your garment at least 2 days in advance of wearing it.


2. Review the dress and decide where the embellishments will make the most dynamtic presentation. For example, the neckline, waistline and skirt are where we focused our attention. Placement should always follow the design of the dress—use the embellishments to accent the design.


3. Remove the stickers from the release paper. Place on the dress to ensure the placement is what you want.


4. To permanently adhere the stickers to the dress, apply a drop of glue to the back of the sticker then place on the dress. For open fabrics like tulle, be sure to glue the embellishments just to the tulle, not through to the dress; place something between the tulle and the dress next to the glue area such as a bent piece of cardboard. Once the glue has begun to set, this piece can be removed.


5. If you wish to follow our model, adhere white pumpkins and clear gems at the bodice.

Little Black Halloween Dress-bodice detail 


6. Add spiders and silver gems to the skirt of the dress. 

Little Black Halloween Dress-waist detail 

Note: This is a costume. Embellishments are stickers and are not intended for cleaning. Spot clean your dress with a damp cloth. Avoid machine washing or dry cleaning.


Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Black party dress
  • Fabric glue

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