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  • Le Fleur Purse and Scarf Set

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  • Le Fleur Purse and Scarf Set

    Designed By Jolee’s Boutique Design Team

    This fashion duo is a quick and easy project to create for day or evening use. Soft and feminine, the look is appealing and puts the accent on YOU!


1. Consider how much your purse and scarf will be used to decide the method of application you will want to use for your embellishments. While stickers will hold well to non-porous surfaces and paper, they might not hold as well to wool or fabric if you will be using those items frequently. In that case, you may choose to attach your flowers with needle and thread (removable) or fabric glue (permanent).

2. Select the position for your flowers. Remove the release paper and adhere in place. Supplement adhesion with hand sewing (like a button) or fabric glue, if desired. Ta da, simple as pie!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Woven cotton scarf
  • Needle and thread or fabric glue

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