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  • Gravestone Wreath

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  • Gravestone Wreath

    Designed By Lindy Rose Lane

    This colorful wreath conveys just the right touch of pretty Fall and creepy Halloween to greet those at your front door! Use our epitaphs or create your own fun tombstone messages.


NOTE: You will need 4 packs of the Rose Stickers and 2 packs of the Elegance Black Glitter Stickers.

1. Using black spray paint, lightly spray the wreath. Let some gray show, so that the pattern on the black ribbon used for wrapping will be visible. Allow to dry.


2. When you cut craft foam, use this trick: draw a serrated knife across a candle stump to wax the blade, then use the blade to carefully cut the craft foam. From the rectangular craft foam, cut three 4" x 6" pieces for the gravestones.


3. Hold the round craft foam behind the rectangle to determine where you want the curve to fall on the top of the gravestone. Score three curved tops on the craft foam with the foam tool.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 1 


4. Cut the curved tops. Use the hot glue to attach the curved pieces to the rectangles.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 2 


5. Hold the two of the gravestone pieces behind the wreath as shown to determine their final position. The one on the right will serve as the back half of the third full gravestone piece that will be added in front. 

Gravestone Wreath assembly 3 


6. Mark the pieces and cut. Check the fit within the wreath and trim if necessary. Lay the front gravestone in place to check position.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 4 


7. Use the foam tool to file and indent at random on the corners and sides of both gravestones to “age” them. Use hot glue to attach the front and back of the right gravestone. Spray the gravestones with the stone finish spray paint and allow to dry.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 5 


8. Plan the placement of the scroll, bat, and skull/crossbones stickers on the tops of the gravestones. Cut to adjust stickers if necessary, then adhere.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 6 


9. Use straight pins along the sides of the stones and wrap with black thread to make guide lines for your letter stickers. Apply the letters as desired, then remove pins and thread.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 7 


10. Cut a strip of green glitter paper 2" wide to wrap around three sides of the front gravestone. Use the fringe scissors to make grass blades, then snip at intervals with regular scissors to make points and varying heights of grass. Repeat for the second gravestone, then attach grass to both with hot glue.

Gravestone Wreath assembly 8 


11. Wrap ribbons around wreath and secure with pins and a dab of hot glue. Use the narrow ribbon to cover the gaps in the black ribbon. You will have a small section of wreath without ribbon, but this will the bottom which will be covered by the gravestones.


12. Attach the gravestones to the wreath with hot glue.


13. Add the scroll stickers along the curve of the wreath, then apply the rose and pumpkin stickers as shown. If desired, slip a piece of floral wire through the ribbon on the back of the wreath to create a hanger.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Smooth craft foam wreath: 16" diameter
  • Smooth craft foam rectangle: 1" x 6" x 12" 
  • Smooth craft foam round 1" x 6" 
  • Green glitter paper: 12" x 12"
  • Black spray paint suitable for craft foam
  • Stone texture spray paint suitable for craft foam
  • Puffy black adhesive letters
  • Puffy black bat & skull stickers
  • Ribbon: black 2" web pattern, purple/black 5/8" 
  • Wax candle stump
  • Plastic foam tool
  • Fringe scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Serrated knife
  • Straight pins
  • Black thread
  • Floral wire


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