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  • Glitter Ball Ornaments

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  • Glitter Ball Ornaments

    Designed By Lindy Rose Lane

    These beautiful, sparkling ornaments hold the glitter on the inside for clean hands in handling year to year. Mix your favorite colors of glitter to create custom shades! With dazzling bling added to the outside, the effect is true elegance.


1. Rinse the inside of the ornaments with vinegar and water, then water, and allow to dry. Bend wire hooks of caps to a less severe angle to prevent them from hitting the glitter inside the ornament.

2. Squeeze liquid acrylic glue inside the ornament and turn several times to completely coat the interior. Use the long handled cotton swabs to reach any areas you might have missed. Drain the excess glue back into the bottle. 

3. Carefully pour glitter inside the ornament and rotate the ornament to coat the interior. Tap out the excess glitter. Allow to dry. 

4. Adhere the stud/rhinestone stickers to the ornament as desired.

5. Use E6000 glue to adhere silver gemstones around the outside of the cap and allow to dry.

Glitter Ball Ornaments Assembly

6. Replace caps onto ornaments. Attach with hot glue if necessary.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Ornaments: clear plastic
  • White vinegar
  • Long handled cotton swabs
  • Liquid acrylic glue
  • Low temp hot glue gun
  • E6000 glue

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