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  • Girlie Girl Layout

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  • Girlie Girl Layout

    Designed By Dana DeCarlo

    This sweet scrapbook layout shines a spotlight on a special little girl in all her feminine glory! An alternative to tucking it in a scrapbook is to display it framed.


1. Use grey patterned paper as the base of the layout. Adhere pink patterned paper to the bottom half. 

2. Punch a circle from pink paper and adhere on the right side of the page with about 2/3 of the circle on the grey paper and 1/3 on the pink paper. Add a stripe of lime green paper between the two backgrounds and across the circle as an accent.

3. Embellish the circle with the Girlie Girl title and other dimensional stickers.

4. Punch a flourish square from pink paper. Adhere it at the top of the page to the left side with the top of the square running off the top of the page. Cut off this excess. Add a small stripe of lime green wider than the flourish square. Embellish with flower stickers.

5. Add photos with narrow mats of 2-3 paper colors.

6. Cut narrow strips of pink paper that you can use for journaling. Write your caption or thought with a black marker and adhere below the circle.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Paper: pink, lime green, white
  • Photos

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