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  • Frozen Flowers

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  • Frozen Flowers

    Designed By The Jolee’s Boutique Design Team

    Transform any flower into a winter wonderland gem by simply adding glitter or embellishments.  This fast and easy technique enables large quantities of flowers to be created for decorations, fashion items, or gifts.


1. Glittered Flowers and Foliage Sprigs: Apply glittering glue to the edges of the petals with the brush included.  Use a modest amount of glue but not so much that it drips from the petals.  For the foliage sprigs, brush glue on the edges of the green leaves.

2. Sprinkle the glued flower petals with the course glitter.  Shake off the excess and set flowers aside to dry.  

3. When dry, hot glue three foliage sprigs to the bottom of each flower.  

4. Pearl or Gem Embellished Flowers: Remove a row of pearls from the release paper. Cut off one pearl and place in the center of the flower.

5. Place another three single pearls at the base of each petal near the center.

6. Place one pearl at the center of the outer lip of each petal.  Continue until all outer petal edges have a pearl in the center.

7. Glitter some foliage sprigs as described above. When the glitter is set, hot glue three sprigs to the bottom of each flower. 

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Foliage sprigs: silk or plastic

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