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  • French General Vignette

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  • French General Vignette

    Designed By The Jolee's Design Team

    This beautiful collage of French General ephemera is truly a work of art, so why not display it as such? The center vignette comes fully assembled, and the surrounding paper “quilt” is quick and easy to create. A lovely piece to shadowbox or display with a ribbon or cord hanger!


1. Select two coordinating papers from the French General red paper pad. The first print will be used as the base of the “quilt” and should match the larger pieces on the sides. The second paper will be used for the corners. If a gingham print is desired, you will find one in K&Company’s “Life’s Journey” paper pad.  

2. Set aside a full sheet of the first patterned paper. With the trimmer, cut a second piece of this same patterned paper to make 4 rectangles that are 2" x 12". Using the second patterned paper for the corners, cut 4 squares that are 2" x 2".

3. Turn all the pieces over so you are working on the reverse side. Place the full sheet in the center of your workspace. One at a time, butt the side pieces onto the full sheet, aligning the edges, and applying tape along the length of the seam. Lastly, add the corner pieces and tape in the same manner. Check the look on the front.

4. Working in a well-ventilated area, lay a large area of newspaper to protect your work space. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper quilt, being sure to follow the can’s instruction for best results. Lift the paper quilt from the newspaper, turn it over and carefully place it onto your backer board. Gently slide your hands over the paper to smooth out any bubbles and secure it to the backer board. Trim away any excess backer board with a craft knife and a straight edge.

5. Working on a clean layer of newspaper, turn your vignette upside down and apply spray adhesive to the back. Lift then place the vignette right side up over the center of your paper quilt. Press in place to secure it.

6. You can frame your vignette or display it as is with a ribbon or twine hanger that you adhere to the back of the piece.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Tape
  • Spray adhesive
  • Backer board: 16" x 16"

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