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  • Fall Foliage Witch's Hat

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  • Fall Foliage Witch's Hat

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    Set the tone of your Halloween bash by creating this luscious witch’s hat. Greet your guests with this beautiful autumnal piece to give them a peek of what to expect next!


1. Use scissors to cut a strip of burlap to 6" x 18". Wrap it around the base of the witch’s hat, cross the ends over each other, and secure in place with hot glue.

Fall Foliage Witch's Hat assembly 1 

2. Cut another strip of burlap to 6" x 36" and tie it into a bow. Hot glue it to the hat over the first piece of burlap, where the ends crossed.

Fall Foliage Witch's Hat assembly 2 

3. Use floral cutters to cut three or four faux autumn foliage pieces into smaller sprigs. Tuck them under the burlap bow and hot glue in place—one to the upper right of the bow and one to the lower left of the bow on the brim.


4. Fold 2 brown and 2 green floral wires in half. Wrap each end around the barrel of a large marker or your finger to make a corkscrew, then pull it slightly apart to elongate it. Tuck one of each type of corkscrew into the burlap among the faux foliage, and secure in place with hot glue.

Fall Foliage Witch's Hat assembly 3 

5. Hot glue the satin flowers among the foliage and corkscrews. Add poison bottle and skeleton stickers, adhering to the foliage, burlap, or the hat itself.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Black witch hat
  • Paper-wrapped floral wire: brown, green 
  • Burlap
  • Autumn faux foliage
  • Floral wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun


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