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  • easter diorama

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  • Easter Diorama

    Designed By Kathy Fesmire

     Jolee’s Beaded Easter Eggs make the perfect accent for this Easter decoration!
    Create this beautiful decorative diorama with pretty patterned papers and three dimensional stickers. Find more Easter themed stickers

    Scenes can be created in any theme and any shape box. Use these techniques a
    to create holiday or home décor in any color, theme or shape you can think of!


1. Cover inside and out of box with printed papers as shown. Place bee sticker in back of egg and add flight lines with a pen.

2. Cut scalloped edge from two cards from the die cut card pack. Fold under ½ inch on bottom edge and adhere to inside of the egg in two layers trimming to fit.

3. Add eggs to inside layers as shown. Tuck Easter grass behind each row of scalloped border “grass”.

4. Cover lid with printed papers as shown. Tie ribbon in a bow around lid.

5. Add final egg sticker to lid to finish.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Striped Ribbon
  • Easter Grass
  • Egg Box

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