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  • decoden Halloween projects

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  • Decoden Halloween Projects

    Designed By Jolee's Boutique

    Decoden style is bold and fun featuring a lot of different sparkling gems, shimmering pearls, colorful cabochons and any bobbles that catch your eye. With all the fun embellishments Jolee’s Boutique offers, there are limitless options for creating unique Decoden pieces. Design a Halloween accessory for yourself or to give to someone as a treat with this simple-to-craft Decoden Wristband.


Note: Beginners to Decoden will need to build up a supply of gems and other bobbles. Unique pieces give personality to your work. Be creative in your selection. We used 60 assorted gem pieces and 8 pieces from the witch cabochons set on this wristlet.

1.Loosen the wristband for crafting by snapping and un-snapping the snap several times. This will also ensure the wristlet will work properly.

2.Begin by gluing on the witch cabochons, starting slightly in front of the snap. Use 8 pieces spacing them about 1/2” apart and keeping them within the width of the wristband.

3.Fill the entire wristband by gluing your other embellishments, alternating colors, sizes and shapes. Add a few wiggle eyes for some spooky fun.

4.Allow glue to dry (overnight) before wearing.

5. If giving as a gift, create a message and glue it on a small gift bag. Decorate the bag with remaining embellishments. Allow to dry.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Glue E-6000
  • Leather Wristband

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