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  • Dazzling Desk Accessories

    Designed By Becky Cates

    Turn ordinary desk accessories into something special with the addition of Jolee’s Studs and Gems studs in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes!  You can use them to decorate just about anything.  Find all Jolee's Gems and Studs


Calculator – Adhere assortment of small & large gold studs along with bronze studs just above keys on calculator. Add additional embellishments on either side of display.

Pencil Cup – Place 4 bronze studs and equal distance apart around top and bottom of cup. Fill in areas using various other studs from the package.

– Adhere studs from both packages down top of stapler. Add 3 smaller studs on each side close to front of stapler.

File Card Box –
Turn one large square gold stud so points are top and bottom and place in center of lid on box front. Place smaller gold square stud inside first. Work from center adding additional studs from both packages.

Framed Calendar – Place studs and all corners and in center on each side of frame. Fill in areas in between with additional studs.

Letter Sorter
– Place stud in center of letter sorter on front side of base and front face of letter sorter. Work from the center out placing more studs to create a pattern.

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Other Supplies

  • Calculator
  • Pencil Cup
  • Stapler
  • File Card Box
  • Framed Calendar
  • Letter Sorter

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