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  • Confections Party Placecard and Napkin Ring

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  • Confections Place Card and Napkin Ring

    Designed By The Jolee’s Design Team

    Jolee's has created fantastic icing creations so your next party is sure to be a hit. When your guests arrive and see the beautiful napkin rings and place cards you have created to coordinate with the centerpiece, you will be the talk of the town!


Place Card 

1. Cut a piece of floral patterned cardstock 3 1/2" x 2". Using your corner punch, make punches in all 4 corners of this piece. Trim the border between the punches and remove the center area.


2. Cut a piece of purple patterned cardstock measuring 3 1/4" x 1 3/4". Adhere behind the punched floral piece.


3. Place Confections stickers of a green and white icing bud and stem across the place card as shown.


4. Write the name on the place card with the marker.


5. You can place it as is in a place card holder or you may wish to create a triangle stand for the back. To make the stand, cut a piece of cardstock 1 3/8" x 4."  Score at 1" intervals, fold and adhere the overlapping ends forming a triangle stand. Adhere to the back of the place card.


Napkin Ring 

1. Using green patterned cardstock, punch a 5" length using the edger punch.  Cut this in half lengthwise.


2. Cut a 1 3/8" x 5" piece of floral patterned cardstock. Mount your long punched strips to the back side of this piece so you have one on each side.


3. Cut a 1" x 5" piece of purple patterned cardstock and center it on the front of the piece from step #2. Adhere in place.


4. Attach a green floral icing flourish sticker and leaf to the front side of the napkin ring.


5. Make the ring into a circle, overlapping the ends and adhering together.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Cardstock: patterned paper in green, purple, and floral
  • Brown marker


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