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  • Confections Party Centerpiece

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  • Confections Party Centerpiece

    Designed By The Jolee’s Design Team

    Celebrate your next special occasion with our magnificent line of Confections stickers! Imagine creating paper crafted items that have the dimension and look of real icing! Your guests will be completely delighted by this beautiful birthday centerpiece that doubles as gift or treat boxes when you place something special inside.


NOTE: You will need TWO packs of the Scallop Icing Border Stickers. 


1. Use your curvy cutter and glass mat for this step. Cut a circle for the top of each papier maché box making sure it is about 3/4" larger than the actual box lid. 


2. Adhere each circle to the lid of each box, centering it. Snip around the outside edge of the margin, spacing about 1/2" between cuts. 


confections Party Centerpiece--Assembly 1 


Apply adhesive to the rim, and fold down the snipped sections one at a time around the cover. Repeat step 1 and 2 for the outside bottom of each box. 


Confections Party Centerpiece--Assembly 2 


3. Cut strips of cardstock that will fit around the outside rim of the lids and will hide the snipped areas that you glued into place in step #2. Adhere in place.


4. Cut a wide strip of patterned cardstock that will fit around the outside of each box. Depending on the size of your boxes, you may need to piece together more than one strip. Adhere to each box.


5. Place your Scallop Dotted Icing Borders around the outside of each lid. You will notice that we placed the single icing at the top, the 2-tiered icing in the middle, and the 3-tiered icing at the bottom.  


6. Add die-cut and acetate embellishments to the top of the box. Add two of the large purple and yellow icing flowers to the top of the box as part of the floral and butterfly grouping.


7. Add two butterflies on the sides of the boxes as shown.


Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Cardstock: your choice of colorful papers
  • Set of 3 stacking papier maché boxes
  • Craft glue


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