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  • Confections Lamp

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  • Confections Girlie Lamp

    Designed By The Jolee’s Design Team

    Create a delightful girlie lamp with our Confections icing borders and fondant flower stickers! It’s a great way to create a custom designer look with very little effort.


NOTE: Multiple packages of stickers may be required to decorate your lamp as desired. Read instructions thoroughly to determine your needs.

1. Measure the circumference of the lamp shade. The confections icing borders used in this project are 12” long each (36" to the pack). Be sure to purchase enough borders to go completely around the shade.

2. Starting at the back of the shade, begin adhering the icing borders to the top and bottom of the shade. We used the piped icing border at the top and scallop icing border at the bottom. Lay the border in place on the shade and apply a small amount of pressure.  Take the next piece of border and join to the end of the first one—this will create the illusion of continual icing. 

3. To butt the icing border ends together, measure where a cut should be made and trim off any excess. Fit the ends of icing border against each other.

4. Determine the number and placement of pink fondant flowers on your lampshade. Position then apply each flower to create the look you want.

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