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  • Bridal Shower Advice Cards

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  • Bridal Shower Advice Cards

    Designed By Elizabeth Barboza

    Give guests the chance to send the bride-to-be home with words of advice and wisdom for her married life. The Le Fleur embellishments can coordinate the bridal color scheme and bring elegance to this special pre-wedding event.


1. Sign: Cut chipboard and dark turquoise cardstock to 6" x 6". Adhere together.

2. Refer to the photo and design the sign’s message to fit within 4" x 4", allowing space for the flowers. Print onto white cardstock then trim to 4 1/2" square. Mat onto a 5 3/4" inch square of gold cardstock. Attach this panel to the chipboard piece.

3. Wrap the sign with turquoise ribbon and hot glue flowers to the top.

4. Create an easel stand for the back of the sign with chipboard. Hot glue it to the back of the sign.

5. Advice Cards: Format and print the advice card message and lines to fit within 5" x 3". Print onto white cardstock and trim each to 5 1/4" x 3 1/4". Mat onto gold then dark turquoise cardstock to match the sign.

6. Wrap the pens with ribbon, hot gluing as you wrap to keep the ribbon in place. Hot glue two flowers back-to-back at the top of each pen.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Cardstock: dark turquoise, white, gold
  • Satin ribbon: turquoise, gold 
  • Chipboard
  • Pens


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