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  • Bloom Card redo

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  • Bloom Card

    Designed By Kara Ward

    Deliver a beautiful bouquet of floral stickers in a spring Bloom card. Personalize the title with glittery stickers. Add elegant punched borders and palette of pinks and greens to welcome spring!


1. Use a piece of green gingham patterned paper for the card’s base. Cut to 6 ¼ inches x 9 inches and score at 4 ½ inches. Fold card in half so fold line is on the left.

2. Cut ½ inch off the front flap of the card. The front of the card will be shorter than the back.
3. Cut ½ x 6 ¼ inch pink polka dot paper and adhere to the right edge of the front flap.
4. Cut a red scallop border to glue next to the pink polka dot paper.
5. Cut a strip of white cardstock 4 x 2 inches wide.
6. Use a border punch along the paper’s edge. Turn the paper to the opposite side and punch an identical row using the border punch, doing your best to line up the pattern. When it is finished, it may remind you of lacey ribbon.
7. Cut a green plaid patterned paper strip and adhere to the center of the white border punched piece.
8. Tie embroidery floss into the center holes of 3 buttons and adhere to the border strip.
9. Stick vellum mum flowers on card, tucking in the stem to the lacey punched paper.
10. Punch ½ of the flourish square using patterned paper.
11. Spell the word “Bloom” with letter stickers.
12. To decorate the inside for the card, cut a strip of white cardstock and use border punch on one edge. Cut a ½ inch strip of green gingham patterned paper. Adhere to the bottom of the card as shown.
13. Adhere a strip of pink and white striped paper to right edge of card. Find the pink scalloped patterned paper from paper pad and cut out a strip of scallops with scissors.
14. Cut a scalloped border using white cardstock and scalloped scissor. Adhere all three strips to right hand side as shown.
15. You will now spell “Where You Are Planted!” with letter and icons stickers. Get creative with your stickers, mixing lowercase letters with uppercase letters. Use a flower for the letter “O”. Make your own letter “e” using the “@”. Cut it so it resembles a lowercase “e”. You are making word art!
16. Adhere additional vellum mum sticker under your greeting! Happy Spring!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Scalloped Scissors
  • White Cardstock
  • 3 Buttons (2 red and 1 pink)
  • Pink embroidery thread for holes in buttons

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