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  • Bling Pumpkin Witch

    Designed By EK Success Brands

    Bling it on this Halloween with a sparkling pumpkin witch – a must-have centerpiece for any Halloween gathering. This bedazzled gem can be made in a few hours with minimal supplies. Add your personal touch by changing the color palette of the adhesive gems and paper hat to coordinate with your party’s color scheme or home decor.

Helpful Downloads

bling pumpkin face download


 Note: Bling Purple Large Gems (3 packs), Bling Gold Large Gems (1 Pack), Gold & Silver Flourishes (1 Pack), 1/2 Yard of Ribbon

To Create Pumpkin: Trace the pumpkin face on the pumpkin with a pencil. Use the pattern given (see downloads) or create your own.
1. Begin covering the face pattern with adhesive gems. Outline the shapes first, then fill in shapes. If required, use wire cutters to split or cut gems into smaller pieces to fill in any open spaces.
2. After all gems are in place, press hand against gems to secure to pumpkin.

To Create Hat: Select two pieces of coordinating paper 12” x 12" from the paper pad.
3. Begin tearing sheets into pieces. Tearing pieces in uneven patterns will create the best effect when glued onto hat. Torn paper sizes should vary 1” x 2” or 2” x 2”.
4. Cover back side of paper pieces with glue. Repeat until hat is covered with torn paper (top and under brim). Note: When covering hat brim’s edges, paper strips or rectangle shapes work best.
5. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Use the shoe tie method, make a knot in the middle of the ribbon then form one loop and wrap with the ribbon to form the other. Tighten bow by pulling loops. Form into shape by adjusting the loops and ends. Cut excess from bow tails
6. Hot glue bow onto hat.
7. Embellish a banding around the hat with the Flourishes and Large Gold Gems.
8. Hot glue hat on top of pumpkin.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  •  Plastic Pumpkin
  •  Witch Hat Form
  •  Ribbon: Orange/Gold Swiss Dot
  •  Glue Stick
  •  Hot Glue Gun
  •  Wire Cutter
  •  Pencil

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