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  • Bejeweled Gift Tags

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  • Bejeweled Gift Tags

    Designed By Lindy Rose Lane

    These jeweled, dimensional tags offer great anticipation to what awaits inside the gift box! 


1. Using wave cutter, cut index cards so that the card is 1 5/8" wide at the narrowest point of the wave. Cut the turquoise ribbon 1" longer than the index card; you will trim this later.

Bejeweled Gift Tags Assembly 1

2. Use the tape runner on the lined side of the index card around the perimeter where the ribbon will be and add one diagonal swipe. Attach the turquoise ribbon, leaving some overlap on each end. The lines on the cards will help you keep the ribbon straight. Cut into two 2 1/2" pieces (cut the 5" card in half) and trim away the excess ribbon.

3. Apply glittering glue to the wave edge as follows. Lay a piece of scrap paper with a straight edge along the ribbon edge to cover all but the wave edge of the tag. Add the glitter glue to the wave border. Remove the scrap paper, then draw a narrow bead of glittering glue at the top and bottom ends of the ribbon. 

4. Working over the powder tray, apply the glitter. Set aside to dry. Once dry, if the tag developed ripples, flatten under a heavy book.

5. Cut two pieces of red ribbon 6" long. Turn your tag right side down. Along the long straight edge, align then glue one piece of the red ribbon at the edge with the extra 3" extending off the top of the tag. Glue the second piece of ribbon overlapping the first so it extends past the left edge when viewed from the front. Allow to dry.

Bejeweled Gift Tags Assembly 2

6. Adhere the jeweled stickers to the tags as desired. 

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Ribbon: 1 1/2" wide turquoise satin, 1/4" wide red satin picot
  • Index cards: 3" x 5"

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