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  • Beach Bottle

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  • Beach Sand Bottle

    Designed By Kathy Fesmire

    This glass beach sand bottle is the perfect way to bring home a little piece of your vacation. Jolee’s Boutique stickers add just the right feel to make you long for the ocean during those long winter months!


1. Fill your glass bottle with beach sand and small shells. Replace the cork.

2. Apply the visor sticker to the beach chair, then place the chair and beach bag stickers around the base of bottle.

3. Add the seagull sticker above the chair.

4. Apply the powder tool to the back of the beach sign sticker to deactivate the adhesive. Punch a hole in the end of the sticker and use twine to tie it to the bottle’s neck.

5. Tie ribbon around the neck as a finishing touch.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Ribbon: turquoise
  • Twine: jute and white
  • Glass bottle with cork stopper
  • Sand and small shells
  • Hole punch

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