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  • Americana Caddie Jar Cover 1

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  • Americana Caddie Jar

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    Dressed up mason jars make great caddies for any celebration table. Decorate each jar with a piece of punched paper, flower and star embellishments to make the most of a simplistic idea. Fill with food, candies or novelties.  


 Americana Caddie Jar

1. Cut a piece of blue patterned paper to the size of 12”x 3” with the EK Tools paper trimmer.

2. Use the Martha Stewart star edge punch on the two 12” sides of the paper. Wrap paper around the jar. Trim off the excess with the EK Tools scissors. Glue paper around the center of the mason jar using the Martha Stewart’s hot glue gun.

3. Cut a 48” piece of the Martha Stewart’s twine. Wrap twine around the jar several times and hot glue in place over the seam in the paper. Trim off any excess twine with scissors.
4. Remove the Jolee’s polka dot flower from the packaging and hot glue in the center of the jar over the twine. 

5. Remove the gold hanger from a Jolee’s star embellishment. Hot glue star over the center of the polka dot flower.

6. Screw on the gold band onto the mason jar. Set jar on table filled with novelties or Yankee Doodle Pretzel Sticks.

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  • Mason Jar with Lid


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