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Creating 3D Effects with Foam

Want to give that greeting card a lift or get elements to “pop off” your scrapbook page?

It’s easy with double-sided foam tape. The easy-to-use tape is available in many craft, stamping, scrapbooking, and discount stores. It is sold in packages of pre-cut squares or circles that are ready to use.

To use the foam tape pieces, simply peel off one side of the backing paper to reveal the adhesive and attach it to your stamped image. Peel away the other backing paper and press it to your card or scrapbook page—it’s that easy!

Take a look at a few of the ways we’ve used foam tape on our projects, then try some foam tape for yourself!

3D effects with foam tape1Cards:
Give a spider a boost! On our adorable spider card, we used a small piece of foam tape to raise the spider up off his web.

3D effects with foam tape2Goodie Bags:
By using foam tape to attach the cat to our goodie bag topper, you can see it looks like our cat is standing in front of the fence.

3D effects with foam tape3Scrapbook Pages:
To make our pumpkins stand out on our scrapbook page, we attached them with foam tape to take our scrapbook to another level.


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