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  • Wooden Box and Note Card set

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  • Wooden Box and Note Cards

    Designed By Nicole Ratzlaff

    Here's a unique way to use an Edger Punch! Use this flower edger to create this Wooden Box and Card set. This punch can be used one sided as a burst or two sided as a flower. For the flower you will want to cut a 2.5” strip of cardstock and punch each side. Be aware how you line up your start flower on the first punch and then flip and punch the second side to ensure your flowers start and stop as you want them to.


1. This project includes a box, a stamp tin, pens and some quick note cards. For the box you will want to paint it white.
2. When dry trace and glue paper to the box.
3. Punch out strips of flowers, ink edges and heat emboss with glitter. Wrap one set around the box and glue. The second set cut out each flower, add a brad center and adhere with a 3D dot.
4. Tie ribbon around the handle to complete the box.
5. The note cards have a simple edge punch detail on the card and the envelope. The punch is backed with a complimentary pattern paper that is featured on the card fronts.
6. The pens have a small strip of complimentary paper rolled in them. Take the end off your pen, wrap around the ink well and slide into the pen.
7. The small stamp tin is has paper glued to each side and a small flower cut from the same paper embossed and adhered to the front.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • White Cardstock
  • Yellow Brads
  • Wooden Box
  • Decoupage Glue
  • Glitter

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