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  • Glittered Snowflakes

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  • Glittered Snowflakes

    Designed By EK Tools Design Team

    No one has to know how simple they are to make! These elegant Glittered  & Pearl Snowflakes add a sparkle to tree decorating, garlands, wreaths and gift wrapping.


1. Punch out snowflakes using the punch and white card stock

2. Using the glue brush included in the glue bottle brush the snowflake with a light coat of glue.

3. Sprinkle the glued snowflake with the course crystal glitter.

4. Place on try to dry.

5. When dry flip over the snow flake and repeat 1-4 to glitter the opposite side.

6. Place one pearl in the center of the snowflake.  If you are making snowflake ornaments put a pearl on both sides.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • white cardstock

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