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  • Wool Ball Gift Boxes

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  • Wool Ball Gift Boxes

    Designed By The Spotted Canary Design Team

    Colorful woolen balls and flowers are a cozy and eye-appealing way to decorate the lid of a decorative keepsake box. Also makes a great pincushion for a needle crafter with storage for sewing items inside. These quick and easy projects will be a hit with anyone who appreciates creative gifts! 


NOTE: You will need 2 packs each of Mini Ball Flowers, Bright Ball Assortment, and Multi-Color Bead Bracelet. 


1. Mini Ball Flower Box: Begin in the center of the box lid. Put hot glue on the bottom of one wool mini mum and place glue side down in center of box.


2. Continue this process until the lid of the box is covered with mini ball flowers. Alternate the colors of the flowers so two of the same colors are being glued beside each other. Fill in with single mini balls where needed.


3. Beaded Ball Box: Cut apart the balls from the bracelet to use individually. Begin in the center of the box lid. Put hot glue on the bottom of one beaded ball and adhere to the lid. Continue, filling in with balls in the color pattern of your choice.


4. Trim: Cut three pieces of yarn 20” long for each box.


5. Begin at the center of the lengths to hot glue the yarn to the rim of the box lid. Leave enough on each end to tie the ends into a bow.


6. Trim bow ends to desired lengths.


Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Matching yarn
  • Hot glue gun


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