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  • Wild Heart Tote

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  • Wild Heart Tote

    Designed By Stephanie Gallaher

    What a fantastic project to create and give anytime of the year, but especially on Valentine’s Day.  This Wild Heart design adorns our FeltWorks ready-made wool tote. Simple needle felting and stitching with a few Swarovski crystal accents makes this tote one that will get attention at the mall!

Helpful Downloads

Wild Heart Patterns


1. Download the Wild Heart Patterns file. Cut the following pieces to decorate your tote:

     • Large heart - rose felt
     • Medium heart - aqua felt
     • Small heart and swirl - white felt
     • Long strips - black and white felt
     • Short strips - aqua and white felt
     • Abstract patches - zebra print fabric

2. Arrange the pieces to your liking, overlapping colors and textures. Pin the bottom layer pieces in place. To attach the fabric, turn the raw edge under 1/4", then sew with a running stitch in white thread.

3. To attach the felt pieces, work from the bottom up and use your felting tool where felt meets felt (it might be difficult to felt through the print fabric). Be sure to use a foam block or felting mat inside the tote in the areas being felted. To secure your felt pieces, work your embroidery stitches through all layers: use buttonhole stitch around the hearts, and running stitch on the strips and swirl.

4. Stitch the crystals in a heart shape overlapping the two small felt hearts.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Fabric: zebra print
  • Embroidery thread: white
  • Needles: sewing and embroidery

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