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  • Studio-style Finishing

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  • Studio-style Finishing

    Designed By Dimensions

    This style of finishing can be used for canvas or fabric designs. On a needlepoint design (canvas), you might wish to place ribbon along the side edges to cover the bare canvas. For a fabric design, this is optional. If you are looking for a cost-conscious method for displaying your needlework, this is a great contemporary look.


Our example is done with a needlepoint design on canvas so the instructions below relate to a canvas design.

1. Select an artist stretcher frame so that the outer dimensions match the finished size of your stitched design.

2. Mount your design on the stretcher frame as follows: Align the edges of your design with the stretcher frame. Beginning at the center of each side, start to bend the canvas over the frame and use push pins to tack it in place on the side edges of the frame. Adjust the pins as needed until the canvas is mounted straight and taut.

3. Turn the frame over and place the design face down on your clean work surface. Pull the canvas to the back of the frame, flatten any folds, and staple neatly in place to the back of the frame.

4. Beginning at the bottom center, adhere the ribbon to the side edges of the frame to cover the bare canvas. Turn under the end of the ribbon for a neat finish and secure.

5. Add a hanger to the back of the frame.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

• Artist stretcher frame
• Push pins
• Staple gun
• Complementary ribbon—match width of stretcher frame
• Adhesive
• Hanger

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