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  • Spring Garden Tablet Cover

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  • Spring Garden Tablet Sleeve

    Designed By Stephanie Gallaher

    Show your appreciation for a special someone in your life with a tablet sleeve that shows unique felted artwork. By taking a simple cover and giving it a unique artistic twist, it becomes something special and functional. 


1. Using green roving, gently pull apart small pieces roughly 2 to 4 inches long and in varying thickness. This will be the strands and patches of grass. Set aside.

2. Pull a long, thin strip of green out of the mound of curly roving and place in on the left side of the cover. This strip is going to be the flower stem. Place the felting mat inside the sleeve underneath where you will be needle felting. Use the multi-needle tool to needle felt the stem into place, adding roving if needed and adjusting it to the shape you want. The stem should go under the cover’s flap enough to not show where it ends when closed. Move the felting mat under the flap. Complete the stem on the flap as shown.

3. Insert the mat back into the sleeve at the bottom. Needle felt 2-4" long tufts of the green curly roving along the bottom to be the grasses. There is no right or wrong here--do what pleases your eye and let the curls of the roving lead you to nice, organic shapes.

4. Create the small flowers as follows. Pull a couple of smaller purple roving pieces apart from the larger bundle. Roll each piece briefly between your fingers, then curl each into a swirl or circle to create a small, round rose bud. Needle felt it to the top of a taller grass piece.

5. Cut out 3 circles from the flat felt: 3" diameter from red, 2" diameter from orange, and 1" diameter from butter. Layer the three circles concentrically and needle felt them to the flap, leaving the outer edge of the red circle free for a little dimensionality.

6. With white embroidery thread, work a simple running stitch inside the butter circle, and a buttonhole stitch around the orange circle. Add running stitch around the red circle as shown. Sew the green button to the flower center through all layers of the flap.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Button: 1/2" green
  • Embroidery thread: white
  • Embroidery needle

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