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  • My Heart For You Bowl

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  • My Heart for You Bowl

    Designed By The Dimensions Design Team

    Say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day with a hand crafted gift from the heart. Our modern approach to the time honored craft of needle felting is easy to do. The felt hearts and bowl are pre-made and just need a bit of needling to put it all together.


NOTE: You will need 2 packs of the beaded hearts for this project.

1. Begin by “pointing” the edge of the bowl: this is a simple process that adds character and strength. Thread the needle with a 12" length of embroidering thread but do not knot the end. Place your left hand inside the bowl and your right on the outside (reverse for lefties). Pinch about 1/2" of the bowl from the inside out, similar to pinching pie crust.  Holding the pinch in place with your left hand, draw the needle across the inside of the pinch (not at the point) and leave a thread tail of several inches. Then, whip stitch securely across the pinch 3 to 4 times. Tie the thread ends in a knot. You can cut the thread ends short as we did or leave them longer and string beads on them for a unique look.


2. Repeat this procedure for each point (we made 8 points).To keep the points equally spaced, place the second point directly across from the first. Place the second pair of points halfway between the first set. Space the remaining points in a similar manner.


3. Plan the position of the beaded hearts between the points as shown. Place the foam block inside the bowl and a heart in place on the outer side of the bowl. Using the felting needle, needle felt the heart onto the bowl by poking through the heart and bowl into the foam block. Work methodically poking the needle around the entire heart. Continue needle felting until the heart is attached to the bowl.


4. Needle felt the remaining hearts to the bowl using the same technique. There will be 8 hearts per bowl.


5. Fill with paper Valentines, candies, or fragranced dried flowers.

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Embroidery thread: fuchsia
  • Needle


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